So, who really is Santa Claus?

HO HO HO HO HO. Sounds like something you would hear in a Snoop Dogg song. Actually this is the calling card of that rather paunch grey haired guy who magically appears every Christmas. I’m of course referring to Santa Claus, one of the great cultural icons of modern times.


From the outset, I would like to ask you, the reader, for your opinion. Can you tell me what the most significant cities of all time are? Can you tell me what would be the greatest city of Greek civilization?

Lesbian encounters: there is no other island like Lesbos

Growing up, I have always had the ultimate conversation starter, “I am Lesbian trapped inside this body.” Mind you, not everyone thought it was funny, but what else could I say about Lesbos. I never really appreciated the charm of my island until I was forced to spend a few weeks there in 1999.


What was it that made me go to Asia Minor-Micra Asia and more importantly, what did I expect to achieve? For the benefit of all concerned, Asia Minor is an area once inhabited by Greeks from classical times all the way through to modern times.

Magna Graecia Italy meets Greece

Imagine a place where time stands still. Then think about an eyrie feeling, a sensation. Stop and admire the tranquillity, listen to the peace. Think about a true living connection with an ancient and Byzantine past.

Ola Kala – Kai Panta Kala

The Greeks of Ukraine “Ola kala — kai panta kala”. And with the clink of our glasses and the downing of another vodka drink I started to feel very much at home here in the Ukraine. On a bright Sunday afternoon, I had found myself in a small town, Sartana; and by chance my guide…