Tracing the various Hellenic communities of the Mediterranean


Hellenes have been everywhere! From the shores of the Black Sea to Asia, you can find traces of ancient colonies, conquests, migration and great Hellenic and Byzantine empires. This talk provides a snapshot of those historic communities across the Mediterranean, from the ancient colonies to the modern era. A particular focus will be on Egypt, Magna Graecia of Italy, Malta, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, France, Ceuta, Spain, Libya, Palestine, Israel, Asia Minor (Turkey).

The modern construct of the Hellenic Republic and Cyprus are not the only places in the Mediterranean where Hellenes can still be found. The audience will gain an insight into how these communities came about, how they survived and their impact on Hellenism and/or the host country. These communities have provided some of the most notable Hellenes in history, for example Cavafy in Alexandria and Saint Frumentius of Syria.

Presented by lawyer and writer, Costa Vertzatias AM, and documentary maker and journalist Billy Cotsis. Both have travelled extensively across the Mediterranean. This event is supported by Beta Bar and Hellenic Club of NSW.

‘Hellenic Communities of the Mediterranean’ will be presented on Tuesday 27 March at Beta Bar (238 Castlereagh St, Sydney, NSW) at 6.45 pm. Attendance is free, and refreshments will be served. To make a booking, call (02) 9750 0440 or email




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