Mykonos: the other side WORLD PREMIERE. Thursday, 13 September at Beverly Hills GU Film House cinema



Mention the name Mykonos, and immediately it conjures up images of parties and outrageous nightlife. Mention Delos to the uninitiated and you may receive a blank stare. Mention Kalafati beach and the same stare may remain… That is the way Mykonos has come to be viewed by many around the world, yet it is an island that is much more than parties, great beaches and hot bodies! The island is an economic power, a cultural institution and a place where the whole world meets.

Sydney filmmaker and writer on this blog, Billy Cotsis has teamed up with London based Basil Genimahaliotis, originally from Adelaide, to make a new documentary film about Mykonos.

The pair have worked on 7 international projects, including work in London and Greece. Their last documentary, Lesvos: fall in Love, was screened in prime time on Foxtel and in 2016 it became the first ever documentary to sell out two simultaneous sessions of a documentary when it played at the Greek Film Festival in Sydney.

Mykonos: the other side, follows a number of locals, internationals and a group of Australian citizens who live and work in Mykonos, taking the challenge to work in a country with a struggling economy. While the journey is taken via the introduction of a number of Greek Aussies, the film shows the other side of the party capital of Europe. Layer after layer of culture, family sentiment, a thriving economy, guest workers from abroad and sexuality plays out as the audience is taken on a journey that few tourists ever see in Mykonos. Along the way we meet locals and international identities.

Some of those identities include 25-year dancer veteran and Mr Mykonos personified, Tekno Manos from Bay Vista, Brighton. “Tekno spends his summer vacation on the island dancing at Super Paradise and Queen Bar and he takes us behind the scenes of his life on the island.” Enthused Cotsis.

Another person the documentary focusses on is, Nicholas Theodoridis, who took the time to help connect the filmmakers with many local identities, friends, his partner Maria and visitors. Nicholas who works at Vegara by the harbour, highlighted what Mykonos means. It’s a place to feel inspired, friendships that can build, it has a history and culture.

Other “names” that feature include award winning film director Antonis Theocharis Kioukas, international bestselling author Jeffery Siger, actress Anta Paparapti, Gege Silva the Drag Queen and more. A total of twenty Aussies including those of Greek heritage feature, a nod to the fact visitors from Australia are arguably the biggest international visitors to an island that receives two million visitors annually.

The documentary was shot in Mykonos, Sydney and London, a unique trait of the filmmakers to combine a series of stunning locations in their film work.

In a huge coup for the event, filmmaker and writer Alex Lykos will introduce the film. Lykos has own excellent new film coming out, Me and My Left Brain, a follow up to his Alex and Eve movie.

Mykonos: the other side will make its debut at GU Film House, a cinema fast forging an identity of supporting nonmainstream as well as mainstream cinema. Ticket entry will include Greek savouries and is proudly supported by the award winning MerakiTv, Bay Vista Brighton, the Mytilenean Brotherhood of Sydney and NSW and Hellenic Central.

The directors made the point that the film could not have been made without the support of friends in Sydney, London and on the island. As well, local musicians such as Minas Midas, bouzouki extraordinaire Tassos Lambros, sax genius Kenny Bradfield and brilliant house DJ, Con Stretch, are some of the contributors to the soundtrack featured throughout the documentary.

The film will play with Genimahaliotis and Cotsis’ Lesvos: fall in Love as a double feature.

Peter Psomas, president of the Mytilenean Brotherhood of Sydney & NSW spoke to NK and enthused their support for the screening of the Lesvos documentary. “We are always happy to support one of our own islanders, as Billy has heritage from the island. The film was made with the support of the brotherhood originally and hope the public can see how beautiful Lesvos is. We hope the film will inspire more people to visit and explore Lesvos.”

The evening is proudly supported by the Mytilenean Brotherhood of Sydney & NSW, Bay Vista in Brighton, MerakiTv Foxtel and Hellenic Central. It is always wonderful to have the support of organisations such as these, especially when promoting our homeland.

Tickets now on sale, via Toula Mavrick 0405 771 819

*Thursday, 13 September @ 7 pm, GU Film House Beverly Hills, film playing with Lesvos: fall In Love


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