Book: The Many Faces of Hellenic Culture

My new and first book, The Many Faces of Hellenic Culture: Hellenic culture outside Greece, is now on sale through Amazon. This is the work of years of travel through lands and communities that are home to the most unique — an unknown —  Greek diasporas. This book is my tribute to the many faces of Hellenic culture that enrich us all.

Book description

From antiquity until late Byzantine times, the Greeks founded hundreds of colonies in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Asia Minor and the Middle East. A number of these towns survive to this day, with many of the inhabitants speaking a dialect of Greek and maintaining differing aspects of Greek history and culture.

The Many Faces of Hellenism (Hellenic Culture) is a collection of tales from my own experiences to magical locations from across the globe that even the history books have forgotten. I use the word ‘magical’ because what the people of these Hellenic communities have achieved seems to defy belief. Hellenic culture surviving against a background of a dwindling Diaspora and the absence of government assistance; and the Hellenic language enduring despite native speakers being a rarity in many of these regions.

Me in the media

Neos Kosmos recently interviewed me about my book which you can see here.


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